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Spy Pond - Arlington, MA

Job Description: MacKay dredged approximately 800 cubic yards of sediment (the Project) from the southwest corner of Spy Pond (the Pond) (the Project Site) in Arlington, Massachusetts (MA). Stormwater from Route 2 and neighboring towns of Arlington and Belmont discharges through a 54-inch outfall to Spy Pond. Sediment from sand used for winter roadway maintenance has accumulated over time in the southwestern corner of the Pond and hindered recreational access for the public and ecological integrity. The purpose of the Project is to remove accumulated sediment downstream of the outfall to restore recreational access and restore the aquatic habitat to the corner of the Pond.  In addition to hydraulically dredging, the existing riprap erosion control at the outfall will be modified including placing grout to stabilize the existing riprap. 

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